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Affordable computer technical support

Contact Information

Welcome to Affordable Computer Tech Support.
My name is Ron and I fix computers online. I can walk anyone through almost any problem. Because this is an online service, I need to charge by the hour. My rates are $30.00/hr.
Prior to sending a payment, send me an email with a brief synopsis of your problem. Put affordable tech support in the subject line. If it is a problem I can fix, I will immediately contact you via replying to your email. I will then wait until I receive an email from you that payment has been made. At that point I will contact you and we can then start working your problem in whatever way will work best. I prefer to do it this way to save both of us time and money.

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Affordable Computer Technical Support
Phone: I give this only if telephone support is needed.

The computer industry is rapidly changing and encompasses a wide range of products and services. Operating a computer can create problems, but servicing them can be frustrating.

I will help you repair your system with the least amount of frustration.